Boiler Pressure (just in case)

We regularly check the boiler pressure (red arrow) and occasionally have to top it up. We usually make sure it is always topped up to the correct pressure to ensure no problems during our guest stays.

If in the unlikely situation the boiler stops working due to low pressure (the gauge is reading no or very low pressure) then it is a simple process to top it up.

The two knobs circled in yellow need to be turned 90deg to point towards you – doesn’t matter which one you do first. When you open the second knob you will hear the flow of water through the pipes. After about 3 seconds turn them both off (to their original positions). Tap the pressure gauge marked in the picture with a red arrow – to make sure it’s not sticking – and check the pressure reading which will have increased slightly.

Repeat the process until the gauge is pointing roughly to the 11 o’clock position. Don’t worry if you go over this as there is a pressure relief valve to protect the system from any over pressure.

The boiler will then restart.

If the boiler is still showing the error message or does not restart straight away then switch the boiler off and then shortly afterwards back on again using the knob next to the pressure gauge.

This is a normal procedure for most owners of a combi boiler – it means that there is a very small leak somewhere in the pipes or radiators but the trouble is the water evaporates into the air as it leaks making it very difficult to locate and repair.

If the boiler did stop working please phone us and we will talk you through this process – if the problem was more serious then we would call out an engineer.